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The company Danish Industrial Equipment A/S was founded in 1980 by Mr. Erling Eskildsen, as a company which was to buy and sell second hand machinery for primarily the bakery industry. Further the company was established to get clear lines between Mr. Eskildsen's own bakery production and the trade with machinery.

Since the establishing in 1980 the company has expanded, and is today offering a wide range of machinery, still mainly within the bakery business, but also with a wide range of machinery for the chocolate and confectionery business. Further the company has a wide assortment of different packaging machines.

Unlike many other second hand machinery dealing companies, Danish Industrial Equipment has the strenght of stocking and selling directly from stock, and not on a commision basis. This enables us to offer you flexibility and fast decisions, which we believe is a must for this kind of business.

Today the company is still managed by Mr. Erling Eskildsen as a Managing Director, and by his son Allan Eskildsen who is responsible for the technical part of the company.

With location in the city of Give just 15 min from Billund airport and 30 km from Vejle, it is easy to visit our facilities no matter what transport way is choosen.

Svinget 24
DK-7323 Give
Phone +45 75 73 16 20
Fax +45 75 73 14 84
Email: eskildsen@danish-industrial.com
Website: www.danish-industrial.com