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Stock number:31001
Manufactor: Otto Kremling
Type: OKA Depositor 600 mm
Specifications: OKA Depositor 600 mm width:
Product diameter 45mm
Quantity per stroke 9
Strokes/min. 35-40
Output/hr. 18.900-21.600
The machine is complete over-
hauled and in good working
Description: OKA Depositor for the produc-
tion of "Angel Kisses",marsh-
mallows and other foam goods.
The OKA Depositor is excel-
lently suited for production
of"Angel Kisses".These most
delicate pastes are deposited
in an extremly careful way by
receiving a large output.
The stock-feed device is used
for automatically placing the
wafer bottoms and the foam
supplying guarantees extra-
ordinary uniform deposits.
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